The Santa Cruz Police Officers Association proudly presents the 21st. Annual Hot Rods at the Beach car show. The proceeds from the show are donated to the scholarship program of the SCPOA that benefits Santa Cruz County High School students. Students who complete the Automotive Service Technology Program through the Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program at Santa Cruz High School or Watsonville High School are eligible to apply for a scholarship. An application must be submitted, including the student’s high school transcript and a letter of recommendation. The applications are reviewed and the $2000 scholarships are awarded in June at the student’s high school’s awards ceremony. A continuation scholarship of $1,500 may be awarded to a student who qualifies for the following year. The SCPOA is proud to help industrial arts students further their education. For more information on scholarship eligibility requirements and application process please contact us.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

1) Eriberto Ruiz Santa Cruz High School

2) Andrew Godoy Santa Cruz High School

3) Gabriel Ramirez Santa Cruz High School

Isaiah Malonado Renewal 


2017 Scholarship Recipients

1) Rivaldo Zavala-Flores Santa Cruz High School

Katherine Mohler-Renewal Scholarship

Morgan Stier- Renewal Scholarship
2) Isaiah Maldonado Santa Cruz High School

2016 Scholarship Recipients

1) Katherine Mohler-Ponderosa High School
2) Morgan Stier- Ponderosa High School

2010 Scholarship Recipients

1) Kate Beardsley– Harbor High School
2) Jason Kline– Santa Cruz High School
3) Oscar Rocha – Santa Cruz High School


2009 Scholarship Recipients

1) Francisco Ruiz– Costa Noa High School
2) Kyle Stephens–Santa Cruz School


2007 Scholarship Recipients

1) Grant Welch – Scotts Valley High School
2) Thomas Cline – Soquel High School (continuing)
3) Braxton Alsip – Santa Cruz High School (continuing)


2006 Scholarship Recipients

1) Braxon Aslip-Santa Cruz High School
2) Thomas Cline-Soquel High School
3) MJ Solario-Soquel High School
4) Sawato Kawamuira-San Lorenzo Valley High School (continuing)


2005 Scholarship Recipients

1) Sawato Kawamuira-San Lorenzo Valley High School
2) Alvin Ng-Harbor High School
3) Matthew Lyman-San Lorenzo High School
4) Brent Ebert-Santa Cruz High School (continuing)
5) Bobby Amos-Santa Cruz High School (continuing)
6) Lloyd Harmon-Aptos High School (continuing)


2004 Scholarship Recipients

1) Richard Silviera-Santa Cruz High School
2) Brent Ebert-Santa Cruz High School
3) Bobby Amos-Santa Cruz High School
4) Lloyd Harmon-Aptos High School
5) Devin Morales-Harbor High School
6) Danny Manning-Monte Vista High School


2003 Scholarship Recipients

Veronica Murillo- Harbor High

Natalya Potter-Harbor High

Iain Tarbet- San Lorenzo Valley High

2002 Scholarship Recipients

Ben Wagnaar-Santa Cruz High

Mike Lesui-Soquel High

2001 , 2002 Scholarship Recipients

Ryan Carl Renewal

Mitchell Smith-Renewal

Brendon Oscar-Renewal